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Arena location: Jávorkút – N 48.097124, E 20.525562

Mass start: Women: 10:00, Men:11:30

Courses: Women: 5,2km/190m/19cp (leg 1, 2); 5,5km/210m/20cp (leg 3); Men 6,1km/260m/22cp (all legs)

Estimated winning time: Women: 15 mins/leg (110mins total), Men: 35 mins/leg (105mins total)

Map maker: János SŐTÉR

Course planner: János SÜMEGI

Land form: Located 650-750 ms asl. Moderately steep to steep hills up to 100 ms height. Abundance of negative land forms. Many point features (lime burning places, charcoal burning places, pits, knolls). Some stones, rocky areas.

Vegetation: Mixed beech and pine forest, with some felled areas with scattered vegetation. Some undergrowth (high grass, nettles) in places. No blackberry. Some branches on the ground. Dry underfoot.

Runnability: Ranging from good to difficult.

Visibility: Ranging from very good (beech forests) to limited (young pines).

Paths and roads: Developed network of paths and forest roads.

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Location: Jávorkút

Start: 10:00