Miskolc Észak-Magyarország legnagyobb városa, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye és a Miskolci járás székhelye. Magyarország negyedik legnépesebb városa Budapest, Debrecen és Szeged után, 161 000 fővel.
The thousands of years of history, culture and natural potential of the city reveal a number of unique values, which find their way into the everyday lives of those who live in or visit Miskolc. Miskolc has charted a new course of development over the past few years: welcoming investors and visitors with its dynamically developing economy, new sectors of industry, renewing city centre and rich cultural and tourist opportunities.
The former industrial town, which has the longest main street in Europe, is situated at the foot of the picturesque Bükk Mountains, where the mountains of historic Hungary become gently rolling hills and give way to the rivers Sajó and Hernád, which connect the Great Plains to the highlands. Thus Miskolc is situated on the border between the plains and the mountains.
Miskolc is endowed with a wonderful natural environment. The border of the Bükk National Park runs through the city. This park is uniquely rich in stalactite and travertine caves and plateaus; its fauna and flora are colourful and diverse. The health-giving Cave Bath of Miskolc-Tapolca is famous all over the world. In beautiful Lillafüred, Hotel Palota and its mirror, Lake Hámor and a romantic waterfall await their guests.
The city of Miskolc lies 180 kilometres east of Budapest. The two cities are connected with a motorway that runs directly from Budapest International Airport. Debrecen International Airport is situated 90 kms from Miskolc and there is a direct motorway link to Miskolc.